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Thursday, May 07, 2009

2009 - May

May! What better way to celebrate such an awesome month than with a quote!
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Acronell -
Aly -
AmaiUzuRin -
AmatsuMisa -
Anthonykun -
Appingo - 'Oh those funny Australians.'
Ash -
Asukachan -
Azrothneko -
Beauty Complex - "Your feelings are valid; however, nobody cares."
Chibiwolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 -
CTK_Hullo -
DarkRiku -
DemonDude -
Edgeslayer -
Fullmetalwolf111 -
GalacticAnarchy - Sada left the chat but he kept on the blog~~ Oh the times, they are a changin'
GrandWolf -
Haku -
HannahBanana99 -
Hinder -
Hunter Joe - "Whoa, man."
Icecoldness -
Icewolfz -
IchigoStars - Give me back that filet o fish, give me that fish~
Inubabe -
JessicaXVI - Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped.
Jun-Ang -
KafeiCHU -
KageNek -"I'm not dead yet."
Kajsa -
Kamisori - HappY May "Two-Four"! Kami, not happy with just one, simple quote, requests another: "First the "King of Psyborg Rock" and now Japan's "King of Rock"!!?
Rose! This is NOT the way to celebrate your birthday!"
Karlzorz -
Katsuhiro - Three video then graduation!!....just one more month of High School and counting! \^0^/
Katze -
Kawaiibebe -
Kemagenese -
Kip - Kip's Picture.
Koi-Koi -
Koin -
Liltweetgal - ~insert quote here~
Lucy -
Luna -
Mangaboy -
Merc -
Mercesteys -
Meyume -
Mikikochan -
Mina -
Mochidzuki -
MoonlightNeko -
Mr. Mew -
Mudpelt -
Nightmaresan - I'm in love with the word "Quixotic."
Nippou -
Ogi - . . . you know who I miss? Stan. Stan the man. Whose real name is tom. . .
Pafilionvaercel -
PiscesDragon - "Oh my pizza!" - Anpan from
Pocky -
PockyWarrior -
Produtobeemo -
Punkchick -
Purly -
Qwet -
Rena -
Reyoko -
Rika -
Rin -
Rohanu -
Rosebarks -Photos are fun!
ShadyCrow -
Shika Suki -
Silver -
StanTheMan -
Teenlink -
TenTen - Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.
Terrato -
THC - Isn't that illegal in most states... and even third world countries...? -THC (durring a pointless conversasion)
TienMei -
T0ast -
Wadim -The tragedy of the 20th Century is that it was not possible, the theories of Karl Marx first on mice to try.
Wolfie -
Xbombr - No one's ever on whenever I come around :(
Yoshi - Just my luck when you are having fun. You gota go :(
Zaku -
ZanomolyZ -
Zeke -
Zelorean -

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