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Thursday, May 31, 2007

June of '07

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123 -
AbbyForever -
AmaiUzuRin -

Angel -
Anthony-kun -
Asuka -

Azroth Neko - to be happy you eat CHOCOLATE, to be sad you eat TEAR DROPS, to be a Neko you eat KITTENS! ^^...*twitches ears*.kittens?..OH GOD! O.o
Ash -
BearLord -
Bem -
Cel -
Celley -
chibi_wolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 -

CrowbarTK_Hullo -
DarkRiku -

Demon Dude -

E-tan -
Frou Frou -
Haku -
Ichigo Stars -
Inubabe - my birthdays june 27th!!! yay for presents
Jent Sama -
Jessi -
Kage Nek -
Kamisori -

Karl Tyzanta - Goddamned tramps on my lawn.
Katsuhiro - congrats to all the graduates! now for me SAT prep class...and i don't really have a summer break!
Kawaii -
Kip - "Tacos! Burritos! Ghaahd! Interrobang!?" -Dah Baind
Kira-neko - "I'd hate to lose this light before we land"
Kirby -
Kitsune -
Komugi -

Lilium -
Lucy -
MangaBoy -
Marie -
Maikeru -
Megumi -
Mekkaku -
Merc -
Meyume - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, can't wait! Buy it, it's great! =3
Moonlight -

Mochidzuki -
Murdoc -
Nightmare - Happy June everyone. I hope you've had a good year so far, and will have a good year for the rest of the six months left. Congrats for those who have graduated, passed a grade, been promoted at work, or whatever the occasion is. And happy birthday in case i missed anyone's here. Make it a great year, or not, the choice, is yours. I'm gonna go nowz. Just remember.....i like eggz^^
Oswald -
Pancakes -

Phil -
Pika Pyro -
Pocky -
Princess Kuroi -

PunkChick - "Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart's a memory, and there, you'll always be."
Purly -
Qwet - guess what its my day of birth this month on the 23 yaaaaa
Rei - The hardest person to know is yourself.

Rin - "Heyyy Christineee...Nevermind! XD"
Rose - Monopoly, theres another little game. We had Monopoly, everybody had it.No one liked it, even if you thinked you liked the game you didn't. And it's simple why, ok. Cause this is anyone here 2 and a half hours into a game of Monopoly, ready?... "FUCK THIS GAME! It's 4 in the morning grandma, YOU WIN! I'm sittin on Baltic with crap! I'm paying luxury tax out the ass! And I hate when your the banker, where did you get the pink 50's you cheating whore! Don't fucking touch me grandpa, NANA is a cheating whore! I should cut you head off with this little doggy!" -Dane Cook
Sadako -
Sakura -
Scott -
Sefi -
Shadow~X -

Synapse -
TeenLink - The worst day in a man's life... is when his girlfriend... meets his girlfriend.
Teh-Song - I finally understand the meaning of life! It means mind I just forgot.

Usagi -
Yoshi - "No Comment"
Yuki -
Zaku - "For the pure, for the hunger, for our future."

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