As Ani-Pock grows in age and size, and as members come and go, it's fun to see the friends Ani-Pock has met!

Friday, April 03, 2009

2009 - April

It's Springtime in the northern hemisphere, that means cherry blossoms!

Acronell -
Aly -
AmaiUzuRin -
AmatsuMisa -
Anthonykun -
Appingo - "Woah, she's a walking blob of moe."
Ash -
Asukachan -
Azrothneko -Holy Wings, Batman! It's a Bat!! ~Oh how I loved the creativity
Beauty Conmplex -"Can I take the pants OFF?"
Chibiwolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 -
CloudStrifeX -
CTK_Hullo -
DarkRiku -
DemonDude -
Edgeslayer -
Fullmetalwolf111 -
GalacticAnarchy -
GrandWolf -
Long Live the Spirit Pack! *HOWLS*
Haku -
HannahBanana99 -
Hinder -
Hunter Joe -
Icecoldness -
Icewolfz -
IchigoStars -Video: Ichi bribed me to do a video.
Inubabe -
JessicaXVI -
"she is a wiley tempress! and do you know what wiley tempresses do? they a wiley fashion.."
Jun-Ang -
KafeiCHU -
KageNek -
Kagemenese -
Going to Ani-Pock to learn is like going to special-Ed to earn respect. >.<
Kajsa -
Kamisori -Picture: PiG
Karlzorz -
Katsuhiro -
Katze -
Kawaiibebe -
Kemagenese -
Kip - Picture: I love April Fools.
Koi-Koi -
Koin -
Liltweetgal -
Lucy -
Luna -
Mangaboy -
Merc -
Mercesteys -
Meyume - I'm ashamed that mosquitoes still manage to scare me seeing as I'm nearing 19... >< Mikikochan -
Mina -
Mochidzuki -That is SO retro modern.
MoonlightNeko -
Mr. Mew -
Mudpelt -
Nightmaresan -
Nippou -
Ogi -
Pafilionvaercel -
PiscesDragon - I can be a bit of a dork, but I'm a lovable dork ^-^
Pocky -I want in! XD
PockyWarrior -
Produtobeemo -
Punkchick -
Purly -
Qwet -Man the real world can suck hard
Rena -
Reyoko -
Rika - Its not funny 'til someone gets hurt. Its hilarious.
Rin -
Rohanu -
Rosebarks -the world is not what others think it is....but in reality we live in a world that is different in many lights, never really the same in one of the lights.
ShadyCrow -
Shika Suki -
Silver -
StanTheMan -
Teenlink -
Terrato -
TienMei -
T0ast -
Wadim -
Wolfie -
Xbombr - "Boys ran around in the yard with toy guns going kssh kssh, fighting wars for made up reasons, and argued over who was dead. Girls stayed in the house as children and played with dolls, creating complex family groups and learning to solve problems through negotiation and role-playing. Which gender is better equipped to live adult life as a whole?" -Garrison Keillor
Yoshi - uh where am I, did I make a wrong turn at megatokyo?
Zaku -
ZanomolyZ -oh really? is that what you think? well i respectfully disagree =D
Zeke -
Zelorean -

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