As Ani-Pock grows in age and size, and as members come and go, it's fun to see the friends Ani-Pock has met!

Friday, November 30, 2007

December of 07'

So, we have a new list this December, after PC noticed that a ton of people don't leave comments anymore *shakes fist*. So now, we have 46 people! :O

Scroll down fo' rules, son.

Lovin' Members:
Acronell -
Anthony - I challenge you to a childerens card game
Ash -
Azrothneko - Jesus, surprisingly, wasn't born in a stable.. There is no actuall evidence of this but only the story shown in the Bible; Does this question the Religious Story?
Chao -
ChibiWolf -
Chikyuu - Stuffing? In the Turkey? What?! STUFFING!!
Claxkip - Once again I have cut a worthless object。
Edgeslayer -
Icecoldness - Another Christmas has come just to remind me how horrible my relatives are.
IchigoStars - :3 Make sure to place that strawberry star on top of your Christmas tree.
Ikkokou -
Inubabe -
Junya - Guah, What the Heck?!?
Kagenek - REMEMBER ME? ...Yeah I don't either.
Kamisori - On this... HOLY month, My B-Day wish is to throw 2006 AND 2007 out the window!
Karlzorz - Karlzorz: Are rare species, only located on Thursdays and Saturdays because it is playing WoW for the rest
Katsuhiro - so much going on this month: concerts, winterball, projects, mid-terms, winter break, mine & my friends' B-Days and Christmas, oh can't forget, Go Warriors!! \(^O^)/
Kip - What about Kip-wanza, Sada?

Koin -
Kunai - An apple a day will keep the doctor away....if you throw it at him...
Lucy - Lucy tax now plz (I take paypal)
Luna -
Mangaboy -
Merc -
Meyume - It's the first and already I hate christmas music :3 P.S. I agree with Yoshi <3
Mina -
Mochidzuki - Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyways.
MoonlightNeko - Have a happy desu filled Christmas n_n []
Mr.Mew -
Mudpelt - I am TL and MrMew's new god. Creator of Muddism. Christmas is a lie. It is Mudsmas.
Nekoyuna - Be crazy, be wild, and be silly...Because life is too short to be cool
Nippou -
Ogi - I miss pie day -_-
PiscesDragon - minasan, meri-kurisumasu to kyougashinnen
Pocky - Love is like a roll of tape~It's real good for making two things one :3
Punkchick - I'm in the mood for Christmasy music. "Those marshmallow clouds being friendly, in the arms of the evergreen trees. The sun is red, like a pumpkin head, its shining so your nose won't freeze." : P
Purly -
Qwet - Ah, its that time of year where the spoiled get what they want and throw it away the next week and the poor feel the true joys of the holiday god bless America
Rena - Rena started this craze that's sweeping, no, it's Swiffering the America...
Reyoko -
Rika - I like pie
Rin -
Rohanu -
Sadako - Merry Sada-mas~! And a happy BoxBox-ahnika
StanTheMan - Don't cry that's over, smile because it happened, here's hoping 2008 will be as eventful and fun as 2007!
Teenlink - CAKE OR DEATH?!

THC - Though we never figured out who let the dogs out, did anyone ever let them back in???
TheAnon - Simple pleasures for simple people
Triforce - Christmas is a time for love, family... AND PRESENTS!!!!
Wolfie -
Xbombr - If god gives you lemons make lemonade,but if god really did give you lemons you should probably find a new god...
Yoshi - Where there's a lady two Teenlinks will be
Zach -
Zaku - XIII The Death. No no silly, you won't die...yet.
Zelorean -

If you're on here, leave a comment NOW.
If you're not on here, leave a comment (NOW) but with your name and I'll put you on.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

November of '07

It's fall everyone! And even if the seasons change, the rules stay the same! :O
If you're a member, leave a quote.
If you're not, but you want to be one, just leave a quote with your name. :3

AmaiUzuRin -
Angel -
Anthony-kun -
Asuka -
Azroth Neko - Samus Aaron of Metroid Prime was supposed to be a Male, they found out they accidentally designed her as a Female half way through the final programming! XD
Ash -
BearLord -
Bem -
Cel -
Celley -
chibi_wolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 -
CrowbarTK_Hullo -
DarkRiku -
Demon Dude -
E-tan -
Frou Frou -
Haku -
Hatake_Otaku -
Hunter_seme -
Ichigo.daifuku11 -
Ichigo Stars - My Strawberry goodness is for me only! >:'O
Inubabe -
Izumii -
Jent Sama -
Jessi -
Kage Nek -
Kamisori - Twizzlers don't make the best straws for drinking tea
Karl Tyzanta -
Katsuhiro -
Kawaii -
Kip - You've got a secret handshake with God!?
Kira-neko -
Kirby -
Kitsune -
Komugi -
Lilium -
Lucy -
MangaBoy -
Marie -
Maikeru -
Megumi -
Mekkaku -
Merc -
Meyume - *listens then punches Teen-chu* (Scroll down to the T's! :O)
Moonlight -
Mochidzuki -
Mudpelt - "Like Chocolate on a Cookie Stick... so are the Days of Ani-Pock Lives" - Kami
Murdoc -
Nightmare -
Nip - I've had enough vampires try to eat me
Ogihci - " I'M IN DISPAIR!"
Oswald -
Pancakes -
Phil -
Pika Pyro -
Pocky -
Princess Kuroi -
PunkChick - I dream a fire when you're touching my hand, but it twists into smoke when I turn on the lights
Purly - Sint Maarten, Sint Maarten, de koeien hebben staarten. De meisjes hebben rokjes aan. Daar komt Sint Martinus aan!*holds up lantern and a candybag and smiles like a little kid*Comming Nov 11th!
Qwet -
Rei -
Rin -
Rose - What am I a walking encyclopedia?
Sadako -
Sakura -
Scott -
Sefi -
Shadow~X -
Stan-the-man - @@!!
TeenLink - If I was invisible~ then I could just watch you in your room, and in the shower, and *knocked out by Meyume* -Clay Aiken/Teenlink
Teh-Song -
Triforce -
Usagi -
Yoshi -

Yuki -
Zaku -
"As the stars set that night, I knew something was wrong. My world went black. Welcome home they said."

I dun' want to count the members, but we have a lot!

Try to have your quotes short and sweet, if not, then at least you tried :3