As Ani-Pock grows in age and size, and as members come and go, it's fun to see the friends Ani-Pock has met!

Friday, February 01, 2008

2008 - February

Scroll down fo' rules, son >:O

Ani-Pock Citizens:

Acronell –
Anthony-kun – GTFO!!!! ps. Rena Epic Fails at Life
Ash –
Azrothneko –
Bobtini – The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.
Chao –
Chibiwolf –
Chikyuu – Oh Dear Skittle so much artificial fruit flavor, in such a tiny package. It is love.
Claxkip –
CTK-Hullo –
Edgeslayer –
Icecoldness –
Ichigostars – :3 I have shoes that make me three and a half inches taller!! THAT MAKES ME TALLER THAN A FEW MORE OTHER PEOPLE!!!
Inubabe –
Junya –
Kagenek – I'd rather draw a circle around you instead of a heart, because hearts can break while circles go on forever.
Kajsa –
Kamisori – All I want for Christmas is... Oh wait... Too Late... HappY 3rd BirthDaY Ani-Pock! ┐(’~‘)┌
Karlzorz –
Katsuhiro –
Kip – Kip, joining the topic of "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" and "smexiness": "Chippendale's? The male strippers?"
Koin –
Kunai –
Lucy –
Luna –
Merc –
Meyume – Love to Teen-wan. When your name leaves this list, then I've left here as well. (It's better to be a nearby stranger than a distant lover.)
Mina – Pocky for breakfast its GRRRRRRRREAT
Mochidzuki – Forget Valentines Day. HAPPY LEAP YEAR!!!!! :D
MoonlightNeko –
Mr. Mew –
Mudpelt –
Nekoyuna –
Nippou –
Ogi –
PiscesDragon – Things are more like they are now than they have ever been.- Gerald R. Ford
Pocky –
Puckchick – What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say (Just stop trying Ichi, I'm taller than you by an inch and 3/4ths!!)
Purly –
Qwet – if there is one thing i have learned about life it is that nobody likes flies + HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANI-POCK WOOOOOOOHOOOOO
Rena – for V-day this year, forget about not getting candy. go party your heart out, or Rp on ani-pock all night long~!
Reyoko –
Rika –
Rin –
Rohanu –
Sadako – And so from his abode spoke the large sada...and from his mouth came the statement..."I'm sorta hungry right now"
Ssgokugold7 – What!? You sir have tarnished my family name and defiled these forums!!! BANHAMMER SMASH!!!!!
StanTheMan –
Teenlink –
Teh-song –
THC – ... When do the challengers get here?
TheAnon –
TianMei -
Wolfie –
Xbombr – I hate Valentine's day... It only reminds me of how lonely I am every year...
Yoshi – What Valentine's day again, I just got over last years one, Where did I put that mailbox.
Zach – Valentines day... thanks for the advice Kage
Zaku – Sou ashitakoso yuuki wo dashi masho say hello (So tomorrow, I will have the courage to say hello.)
Zelorean –
Zslayrr –
New England is a band of dirty cheaters. :O

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