As Ani-Pock grows in age and size, and as members come and go, it's fun to see the friends Ani-Pock has met!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

October of '07

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AbbyForever -
AmaiUzuRin -
Angel -
Anthony-kun -
Asuka -
Azroth Neko - Azroth:Yay! halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen! sweets! and candy! and fun! and lights! and..*gets snatched by the headless horseman and screams off into the distance* ~SadakoMoose:Uhh..azro?..o3o
Ash -
BearLord - Bearlord is back finally
Bem -
Cel -
Celley -
chibi_wolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 -
CrowbarTK_Hullo -
DarkRiku -
Demon Dude -
E-tan -
Frou Frou -
Haku -
Hatake_Otaku -
Hunter_seme -
Ichigo.daifuku11 -
Ichigo Stars -
Inubabe -
Izumii -
Jent Sama -
Jessi -
Kage Nek -
Kamisori - A Nap is like the good luck kiss before the Big Game, Sleep is like scoring in the Big Game... Napping for 8hours? You figure it out (o^-')b
Karl Tyzanta - Moar friend pics with me in. Please?
Katsuhiro - heh looks like i'm gonna be an assassin for halloween...heheheh...beware...too bad senpai won't let me borrow his sword...oh well.
Kawaii -
Kip - Geez, whay did I say 'BOOSH' last month when 'KAKOW' is where it's at?
Kira-neko -
Kirby -
Kitsune -
Komugi -
Lilium -
Lucy -
MangaBoy -
Marie -
Maikeru -
Megumi -
Mekkaku -
Merc -
Meyume - I’m on the outside, I’m looking in I can see through you, See your true colors, Cause inside you’re ugly, You’re ugly like me, I can see through you, See to the real you~
Moonlight -
Mochidzuki -
Murdoc -
Nightmare -
Oswald -
Pancakes -
Phil -
Pika Pyro -
Pocky -
Princess Kuroi -
PunkChick - ad augusta per angusta ~ To the heights by narrow paths (LATIN XDD)
Purly -
Qwet -
Rei -
Rin - Buy your Karl teddybear here, now starting at 15$!
Rose - Tada! I'm back after a long absence!
Sadako -
Sakura -
Scott -
Sefi -
Shadow~X -

Stan-the-man - :D!!
TeenLink - do what you want cuz a pirate is free~ you are a pirate~
Teh-Song -
Usagi -
Yuki -
Zaku -
Pro cruor , pro ieiunium , pro nostrum posterus. -M.Evenson

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