As Ani-Pock grows in age and size, and as members come and go, it's fun to see the friends Ani-Pock has met!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 - January

Scroll down fo' rules, son >:O

Ani-Pock Citizens:

Acronell –
Anthony – Fashion is like sex, sometimes your in sometimes your out
Ash –
Azrothneko – Oh how wonderful, a New Year! ..I wonder what will happen this time.. Another war? Another awe inspiring song maybe? me turning Bi?.. Who knows!? =D
Chao –
Chibiwolf –
Chikyuu –
Claxkip –
Edgeslayer –
Icecoldness –
Ikkokou –
Inubabe –
Junya –
Kagenek – ¯3¯
Kajsa –
Kamisori – BoxBox: I wonder how long THC is going to hang from Nippou's pants?
It's THC and Nippou... it just MIGHT be wierd

Karlzorz – An angry dragon is behind you. Dont turn around.
Katsuhiro – minasan!!! Shinnen akemashite omedetou!! (Happy new year everyone!)
Kip – If Kip had waited a few hours to post his December comment: "Oh no! They killed Mr. Whipple!"
Kion –
Kunai – i swear that eggnog was gone before i looked at it o.O
Lucy – Fap fap fap
Luna –
Merc –
Meyume – New Years never has a revolution, I just can't make 'em stick . :3
Mina –
Mochidzuki –
MoonlightNeko –
Mr. Mew –
Mudpelt – Will you marry me this year Kami? Oh and I disagree with Yoshi.
Nekoyuna –
Nippou – Wandering can only take you to enlightenment, but wander too long and you'll lose the chance to make ties with friends and live a life of knowledge but meanlessness.
Ogi –
PiscesDragon – When thinking about my digital camera, it can act stupid sometimes, so here's what I say in response: " 'glorified' toaster!"
Pocky – I learn something new about Mormonism everyday. Someday I hope to start the church of Religionism. Pigtails required.
Puckchick – Why do they rate a movie "R" for "adult language?" The only people I hear using that language are teenagers
Purly –
Qwet – well this time i have know idea on what to say so ill just say when your jeuses you send a lot of ppl to hell thats fo shure

Rena – Rena doesn't know what to put here..but if she had a quote fancy enough, she is sure it would pwn all others =3
Reyoko –
Rika –
Rin – PC I can't offer you bonbons, but this better make you happy and win you over so you can raise my children. XD
Rohanu –
Sadako – 2008 will be better, we promise. He won't bug you as much.~the proSada tolerance league Hi guys~! I'm raising goats in my basement~!
StanTheMan –
Teenlink – is a sexy beas


Teh-song – I'm gonna leave the best quote on the face of this Earth! ...wait, you said we're recording now? ...Crud.
THC – last time i checked it was 2007, now your telling me its 2008??
TheAnon –
TianMei - teh bunneh conquers all...... and ITS CUTE!!!!!!!! XD :3

Wolfie –
Xbombr – I sit outside and stare at the sunset everyday, wondering when the day that my life will actually mean something will come...
Yoshi – Pocky??? I'm a Yan Yan man myself!
Zach –
Zaku – I say it's been a while as you hand me your letter. You hands which fluttered like violet butterflies uttering speechless words. Farewell dwindles to infinity. Farewell. XI Justice.
Zelorean –

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