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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

2008 - April

Scroll in the downwards direction for le rules~ :3

Acronell -
Aly - Heads up everyone! The real April Fool is here! xD
AmaiUzuRin -
AmatsuMisa -
Anthonykun - Ban it again!!
Ash - Paladin by birth, Hunter by nature
Asukachan - I live meow and I'm neko Asuka
Azrothneko - Yay, April! A time of new birth and bunnies and chocolate eggs and.. wat? .. That was last month?.. Aw I missed it?! D=
Chao -
Chibiwolf -
Chikyuu -
Claxkip4 - "... That beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when. All the stars in all the sky are waiting for you..."
CTK_Hullo -
DemonDude - I'm not standing for this
Edgeslayer -
Hinder -
Icecoldness -
Icewolfz - I feel so dizzy. Wish I could sleep forevah.
IchigoStars -
Ikkokou -
Inubabe -
KafeiCHU - Chu!
Kajsa -
Kamisori - My mommy's out of the Hospital... April off to a good start :)
Karlzorz - When in doubt, set it on fire, kick it off a building and shoot it. Repeatedly.
Katsuhiro - alright...the only thing good about this month is.....KAWAII KON!!!!...darn...still gotta get things together last minute....
Katze - i fell mewish ;-;
Kip - Come to the Northern Michigan Anime Con! May 10th in Traverse City, MI, USA!
Koi-Koi - Don't think too hard might hurt yourselves..JK
Koin -
Lucy -
Luna -
Mangaboy -
Merc -
Mercesteys - LSD instant Cardiac arrest
Meyume - I has a doodle addiction...? Made 39 pictures of one person in 2 hours *curses awesome tablet*
Mina -
Mochidzuki - 'Wanna see my secret freckle'
MoonlightNeko -
Mr. Mew -
Mudpelt -
Nightmaresan - You walk with me in the rain, but you leave me in the sunshine.
Nippou -
Ogi -
PiscesDragon - Sometimes I feel as if I'm the complaint
Pocky - The Easter Egg bunny can't do squat!
PockyWarrior -
Punkchick -
Purly -
Qwet -
Rena -
Reyoko -
Rika -
Rin -
Rohanu -
Sadako -
Silver -
StanTheMan - I'll look back on this month and think of the memories! let's hope they're good ones :D
Teenlink -
Terrato - King Of Terror Muahahahaha
THC - I swear officer the sign back around exit 70 said that the speed limit was 122 MPH... or was it exit 122 and 70 mph...
TienMei -
Wolfie -
Xbombr - be amazed as i perfectly imitate windows vista! "an unidentified program wants access to your computer. cancel/allow?" *blue screen of death*
Yoshi - If this doesn't work,*tick tick tick...BOOM*, oh well not enough nukes maybe next time I'll get it right
Zaku - "We villains don't die so easily. Bang." ~Revy "Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage", episode 24.
Zeke -
Zelorean - Hold up, I'm drunk, I shouldn't drive! Wait, I'm drunk I shouldn't listen to myself!
Zslayrr -

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